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JMC Technical Line Card

Model 6252 and 6254

Cast Iron Liquid Relief Valves Model 91, 218, 228

Relief Valve Model 900: 910, 911, 917, 920,921,927

Liquid Relief Valve Model 19 and 20

Safety Relief Valve Series 6000

Bailey 746 Safety Relief Valve

Bailey 766 Safety Relief Valve

Bailey 480/485/490 Relief Valve

Model 338 Blower Relief Valve

Models 71S, 171, 171P and 171S Safety Relief Valves

Models 40R/40RL Safety Relief Valves

Models 541/542/548 Safety Valves

Model 716 Safety Relief Valves

Models 230/330/330S/333S Safety Relief Valves

Bailey Type 776 Safety Valves

Models 264/265/266/267 Safety Relief Valves

Bailey Type G-4 Pilot Operated Reducing Valve

Models 215V/337 Safety Relief Valves

Bailey 716T Safety Relief Valve

Models 1 and 2 Safety Valves

Model 140 Safety Relief Valves

Models 189/363/389 Safety Relief Valves

Models 300/600 Safety Relief Valves

Model 930 Safety Relief Valves

Bailey Model 756 Safety Relief Valves

Model 537 Safety Relief Valves

Bailey 616D Safety Relief Valve

Model 30 Safety Relief Valve

Model 716H Safety Relief Valves

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1400 Series Control Valves CAT1639.pdf

1450 Control Valve GI1641.pdf








Steam Traps

Zetrix Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Control Valves

Pressure Reducing Valves

Temperature Controller

Pressure Regulating Valves

Excess Pressure Regulator

HVAC Control Valve

Globe Isolation Valve

Flow Regulating Isolation Valve

Check Valves


Butterfly Isolation Valves

Isolation Control Valves

1400 Series Pressure Relief Valve

8100 Threaded Pressure Relief Valve

9100 Threaded Pressure Relief Valve

9100 Mod 20 Pressure Relief Valve

9500 Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve