Tru-Tech Valve

Tru-Tech Diaphragm Valves are available in Straight Through (On-Off) and Enhanced Weir (Throttling) design. Both these designs are available in MSS SP-88 (long-body) form factor, which is interchangeable with other diaphragm valves, as well as ANSI B16.10 (short-body) which makes it interchangeable with most solid wedge, double disc, and resilient wedge gate valves as well as short pattern plug and ball valves. Diaphragm valves are ideal for corrosive, abrasive, suspended solids, slurries and clean service applications.


Tru-flow (Short-body) Straight Through Diaphragm Valve:

Available in Screwed (1/2” to 3”) and Flanged (1/2” to 6”) sizes.Read More »

Maxi-flow (Long-body) Straight Through Diaphragm Valve:

Available in Flanged (1/2” to 6”) sizes.Read More »

Tru-Trol (short-body) Enhanced Weir diaphragm valve

Available in Screwed (1/2” to 3”) and Flanged (1/2” to 10”) sizes.Read More »

Maxi-Trol (long-body) Enhanced Weir diaphragm valve

Available in Flanged (1/2” to 10”) sizes.Read More »


  • Designed for higher operating pressures than the competition (125 to 200 PSIG)
  • Ductile Iron construction, as opposed to cast iron, reduces damage from wear and tear and improves long-term reliability.
  • Tru-Tech Valve body and Duo-Flex diaphragm are designed to provide streamlined laminar flow profiles of a Venturi with minimal change in incremental cross sectional area, resulting in minimum pressure drop
  • Unique body design results in shorter stroke, reducing diaphragm stress and providing longer life
  • By design, Tru-Tech Valves deliver zero fugitive emissions. Additionally, sealed bonnet is also available as an option
  • The Duo-Flex diaphragm can easily be replaced in line. The straight through design also facilitates the use of brushes or rods to clean the valve.
  • Double-studded diaphragm, v/s single-studded, deliver better seal and longer life
  • Standard TGIC Polyester powder coating
  • Standard Rising Stem, Travel Stop Nut, and Stem Cover for Manual Valves
  • Standard Adjustable Travel Stops on all Pneumatic Actuated Valves
  • Standard Adjustable Closing Stops on all Pneumatic Operated Valves
  • Wide range of valve body materials, coatings/linings and diaphragm material (See link below for full listing)



  • Double Acting, (Air to Open, Air to Close)
  • Air to Close, Spring to Open
  • Air to Open, Spring to Close

Electric and Hydraulic available upon request:



  • Limit Switches
  • Proximity Switches
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Filter / Regulators
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