Liquid Relief Valve Model 19 and 20

Safety And Relief Products

Extra-heavy rugged construction non-code bronze liquid relief valves with a variety of model options to meet specific applications

Liquid Relief Valve model 19 & 20


  • Inlet and outlet connections cast integral with body for easy inspection and servicing without disconnecting piping.
  • Available with optional female NPT inlet or flanged inlet and outlet connections.
  • Beveled seats lapped for optimum performance.
  • Stainless steel spring for optimum corrosion resistance.
  • Spherical pivot between disc and spring corrects misalignment and compensates for spring side thrust.
  • Tested and inspected for pressure setting and leakage

General Application

Suitable for air/gas compressors, liquid filled pressure vessels/systems, high temperature/ pressure hot water boilers, for pressure vessels containing air, gas or steam and process and industrial applications requiring steel/stainless steel construction. Also for vacuum service.

Technical Data

Connections: Threaded NPT, BSPT, flanged or Tri-clover
Temperature range: -320° to 800°F (-195° to 427°C)
Pressure range: 3 to 1400 psig (0.2 to 96.5 barg)
Vacuum range: 6″ to 29″ HG (200 to 1000 mbarg)
Code: ASME I, VIII and PED

Back pressure increases set pressure on a one to one basis and reduces capacity. Back pressure in excess of 10% of set pressure is not recommended.