Kunkle Models 264/265/266/267 Safety And Relief Valves

Safety And Relief Products

safety and relief valves for non-code liquid relief that meet asMe section viii for air/gas and steam and are national Board certified


  • Extra heavy rugged construction.
  • Top guided design offers high capacity with 0.110 in2 (0.710 cm2) orifice area.
  • Seats lapped to optical flatness.
  • Ball pivot between disc and spring corrects misalignment and compensates for spring side thrust.
  • Standard outlet with 1″ female nPt.
  • O-ring soft seat available.
  • Each valve tested and inspected for pressure setting and leakage.
  • Maximum back pressure 400 psig (27.6 barg).


1. ASME standard valves for air or steam service must have a lift lever.
2. due to the capacity of these valves, thrust calculations should be reviewed and valve supported accordingly.
3. Pressures are for female nPt inlets only. for male nPt inlets see page 5.
4. Back pressure increases set pressure on a one to one basis, and reduces capacity. Back pressure in excess of 10% of set pressure is not

General Application

these valves are suitable for the protection of pumps, compressors, pressure vessels or systems handling corrosive fluids or vapors at high pressure and/or temperature. also for sentinel (warning) services on steam equipment.

Technical Data

  • Connections: threaded NPT or BSPt
  • Temperature range
  • Model 264: -20° to 550°f (-29° to 288°C)
  • Model 266: -320° to 550°f (-195° to 288°C)
  • Model 265: -20° to 750°f (-29° to 399°C)
  • Model 267: -320° to 750°f (-195° to 399°C)
  • Pressure ranges
  • air, gas and liquid: 4 to 3300 psig (0.28 to 227 barg)
  • Steam: to 2000 psig (137.9 barg)
  • Code: ASME viii