Kunkle Bailey 776 Cryogenic Safety Valve

The 776 safety relief valve is designed for cryogenic duty down to -321°F (-196°C)


  • Full lift design, top guided construction and an unobstructed seat bore provide maximum discharge capacity
  • Positive sealing through a freely pivoted disc with Kel F (PCTFE) soft seat technology
  • Designed to conform to ISO4126, AD Merkblatt A2, ASME VIII and BS6759 Parts 2 and 3
  • Production assembly and tests carried out in accordance with both BOC and Air Products specifications
  • Pressure tight dome fitted as standard.

General Application

The 776 is suitable for the protection of pipework, tanks and equipment containing cryogenic, cold and fine gases.

Technical Data

Material: Bronze, stainless steel
Sizes: ½” to 2” (Dn 15 to 50)
Connections: Threaded
Pressure range: 15 to 599 psig (1 to 41.3 barg)
Temperature range: -321°F to 140°F (-196°C to 60°C)