Kunkle Bailey 766 Safety relief valve

The 766 safety valve is a double spring high lift valve with high discharge capacity


  • Top guided piston design incorporates an adjustable blowdown ring.
  • Meets all the requirements of BS6759 Part 1.
  • Freely pivoting disc and precision lapped stainless steel trim give positive re-seating for steam duty.
  • Fitted with a test lever for inline testing as standard.

General Application

The 766 is ideally suited to applications on steam boilers and pipelines where blowdown tolerances are critical.

Technical Data

Material: Carbon steel
Sizes: 1½” to 3” (DN 40 to 80)
Connections: Flanged
Pressure range: 5 to 348 psig (0.35 to 24 barg)
Temperature range: -20°F to 446°F (-29°C to 230°C)