Kunkle Bailey 746 Safety relief valve

A top guided, full lift safety relief valve with an unobstructed seat bore to ensure the highest possible discharge rates, with the choice of conventional or balanced bellows designs


  • Freely pivoting disc ensures correct alignment with the nozzle.
  • Highest possible discharge rate maximizes plant protection.
  • Special disc style for liquid applications enhances valve performance.
  • Conventional arrangement suitable for applications where built up pressure will not exceed 5%.
  • Conventional valve can also be used in systems with constant superimposed backpressure (up to 80%).
  • Balanced bellows arrangement for applications where several safety relief valves discharge into a common discharge manifold or for variable back pressures to 40%.
  • Choice of cap options.

General Application

the 746 is certified to BS6759 pt 1, 2, 3 and is suitable for the protection of vessels, pipelines and equipment using hot or cold water; air; process or corrosive liquids and for clean steam and gases in hygienic environments.

Technical Data

Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel
Sizes: 1” to 4” (DN 25 to 100)
Connections: Flanged
Pressure range: 5 to 580 psig (0.35 to 40 barg)
Temperature range: -51°F to 801°F (-46°C to 427°C)