Bailey G4 Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valves

An extremely sensitive and accurate full lift, high capacity pressure reducing valve designed for use on steam, air and gases
Bailey Type G-4 Pilot Operated Reducing Valve


  • Provides reliable, constant and stable reduced pressures.
  • Highly sensitive pilot valve provides a constant outlet pressure, irrespective of erratic inlet pressure or system demand.
  • Provides very close accuracy of pressure control.
  • Choice of bronze or carbon steel constructions.
  • Threaded or flanged models available.
  • High flow rates enable specification of smaller valves than the comparable direct acting valve.
  • Fully compliant with and certified to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).
  • Surplus/maintaining valves available to provide an economical solution for secondary or non-critical processes.

General Application

The G4 pilot operated pressure reducing valve provides extremely accurate levels of pressure regulation for steam, air and industrial gas applications.

Technical Data

Materials: Bronze, carbon steel
Sizes: ½” to 6” (Dn 15 to 150)
Connections: Threaded or flanged
Pressure ranges inlet: 10.2 to 600 psig (0.7 to 41.4 barg)
Reduced: 1 to 300 psig (0.07 to 20.7 barg)
Temperature range: -4° to 800°F (-20° to 427°C)